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Close ties to Finland

Kiel, Germany

The Republic of Finland is a participating nation of the COE CSW since 2011; it was in fact the first Partner Nation of the Alliance to join a NATO Centre of Excellence. In the meantime the Finnish Navy has enhanced its contribution by assigning a second Staff Officer to the COE CSW. Both of them are working in fields and on projects with a close relation to current Finnish activities, a synergy generating significant mutual benefits indeed!

As clear demonstration of the enhanced relationship Commodore Timo Hirvonen, Chief of Staff of the Navy Command Finland, paid a visit to the COE CSW on 25 April 2017. He was accompanied by Captain (FIN N) Jori Harju, Chief of Operations Navy Command Finland. Both visitors were warmly welcomed by Rear Admiral Jan C. Kaack, Director COE CSW: “We feel very honoured by such distinguished visitors, mirroring the interest of the Finnish Navy in the COE CSW and our work. In return I would like to value the special expertise that your Navy brings into our specific field of competence.”

Thus the purpose of the visit was to deepen the strong relationship by boosting the cooperation between the Finnish Navy and COE CSW even more. While gaining an impression of the functionality of a NATO COE, the Finnish Navy delegation received an excellent insight in COE CSW’s mission, command structure as well as on our current Projects and Activities. Commodore Hirvonen was impressed by the lean and efficient method of operating such a think tank and emphasised the commitment of the Finnish Navy to further deepen the relations and contribute to the work of the COE CSW.

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