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Deepening Relations with Singapore

Kiel, Germany

Like most navies, the Republic of Singapore Navy’s (RSN) primary objective is the safeguarding of Singapore’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty. Given the country’s heavy dependence on seaborne trade, securing its access to those vital sea lines of communications is a primary task of the RSN. To achieve this they must operate in areas that are characterised by what they call Extreme Littorals - in our words: Confined and Shallow Waters.

In order to examine areas of common interest, a RSN delegation paid a visit to the COE CSW on 28 June 2017. The topics discussed with the COE CSW experts were predominantly related to the underwater domain and included the use of AUV in naval Mine Countermeasure Operations, especially in (very) shallow waters and the surf zone, and our project on the identification of friendly submarines, Furthermore the RSN showed a deeper interest in the NATO Smart Defense Project 1.44 FIT FOR CSW,

For both the RSN and the COE CSW this visit highlighted mutual interests and demonstrated the potential for future cooperation that is worth further investigation.



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