Doctrine Developtment

One of the fundamental roles for COEs in support of NATO Transformation is contributing to Doctrine Development. This is an activity that remains continuous and ongoing. A product of particular importance is the contribution provided to change proposals for various NATO doctrinal publications.

Doctrine development is primarily driven by requirements identified in the NATO standardisation fora. The COE CSW is permanently participating in and frequently liaising between several bodies such as the:

  • Maritime Operations Working Group (MAROPSWG);
  • Under Water Warfare working Group (UWWWG);
  • Naval Mine Warfare Working Group (NMWWG);
  • Force Protection Working Group (FPWG);
  • Joint Capability Group for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (JCGUAS);
  • Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Working Group (C-IED WG)

Additionally, COE CSW utilises exercises, like NORTHERN COASTS, as a platform for experimentation and capability development. Such experiments and exercises ensure that the COE CSW provides valuable inputs through developed change proposals, submitted liaison reports and participation in panel discussions for the enhancement and development of new and/or already existing doctrine.

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