Force Protection

The North Atlantic Council decided in 2004 to initiate a programme on Defence Against Terrorism (DAT). With this endeavour, Force Protection (FP) also came into the focus of the Alliance. The COE CSW became involved in the FP problem in 2008 and has continued to support work on the subject.

FP is a broader subject that includes, Harbour Protection (HP) and Countering Improvised Explosive Devices (CIED).

The COE CSW conducted various HP and FP trials during Exercise NORTHERN COASTS. Based on the findings and results, a considerable number of Change Proposals<!i> (CP) for the NATO Allied Tactical Publication “FP against Asymmetric Threats in Harbours and Anchorages” have been developed. These CP were confirmed by the first Maritime Force Protection Ad Hoc Panel in Lisbon, approved by the NATO Maritime Operations Working Group, and finally implemented in the new version of the NATO publication. Furthermore, the COE CSW conducted trials on “FP at Mine Counter Measure Operations”. Those results, also, were incorporated into the respective tactical publication.

Since 2012, the COE CSW has been supporting FP developments in NATO by comprehensive reviews of the main FP publications and by active participation in several maritime FP panels and groups.

In 2014, the COE CSW joined the leading NATO Force Protection Working Group as a permanent member. As such we are taking care – together with the Headquarters Allied Maritime Command in Northwood – that maritime FP aspects are adequately reflected in respective Joint NATO publications.

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