In the upcoming weeks the COE CSW will participate in the following events:

  • Specialist Team on Mission Modules in NATO Smart Defence Project 1.38, 29-30 NOV, Copenhagen, DNK
  • Trials Hammer Head, 29-30 NOV, Kiel, DEU
  • Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Conference, 6 DEC, Berlin, DEU
  • Land Operations 1st Annual Discipline Conference, 6 DEC, Oberammergau, DEU
  • Cyber Defence Conference, 12/13 DEC, Bonn, DEU
  • NATO Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Work Group, 12-14 DEC, Mallorca, ESP
  • Chiefs of Transformation Conference, 12-14 DEC, Norfolk, USA
  • Exercise Specifications Conference Northern Coast, 19/20 DEC, Helsinki, FIN
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