Smart Defence Project FIT FOR CSW

Flexible and Interoperable Toolbox meeting the Future Operational Requirements in Confined and Shallow Waters (FIT FOR CSW).

Confined and Shallow Waters are an extremely complex and challenging operational environment that tactically favor’s smaller assets. The very specific, and unique conditions, demand for a broad set of scalable capabilities meeting the multifaceted operational requirements for the full range of military operations across the entire spectrum of missions.

The trend to reduce the number of platforms however, inevitably raises the question how to further-on ensure this required broad set of sustained capabilities in the upcoming decades. Two principle paths from this dilemma could be followed. Firstly, navies abandon the nexus of an individual platform for each specific capability. Secondly, opt for a collaborative development of capabilities and cooperative procurement and, later, also for combined employment through full interoperability.

Therefore, the answer to the problem may be found in creating a composite set of compatible components (carrier platforms and modules) that can be both deployed and employed tailored to the particular operational conditions and requirements. Such a flexible toolbox offers a very efficient and flexible adaption to evolving situations respectively to changing tactical needs.

This project follows a holistic approach by identifying capabilities required for prospective operations in Confined and Shallow Waters, which may be combined in a composite maritime system or respectively be employed cross-sectional by deployable units of joint forces. The outcome will be operational design engineering specifications for flexible and interoperable components.

The specific capabilities could be realized in a form of containerized “plug in / plug out” modules which could be mounted on applicable carrier platforms (afloat or ashore).

This Smart Defence project is led by the COE CSW with DEU as Lead Nation; the program has already seen a preparatory meeting in September 2016 and the formal kick-off of the project is scheduled for the second quarter of 2017. Several nations are already participating; more have signaled interest in joining in.

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