Future challenges in the environment of megacities.

According to United Nations estimates, the urban population increases worldwide by about 150,000 people every day. This trend is most pronounced in Africa and Asia. By the year 2025 it is expected that 60% of the world’s population – five billion people – will be living in urban areas. As cities expand spatially and in population, urban terrain becomes more and more complex. Buildings will grow in number, as well as in size, and road networks will become increasingly more complicated.

The dimension and value of port infrastructure will increase to meet the economic demands and support requirements for the megacities. The major portion of livelihood and prosperity depends on merchant shipping, on the undisrupted flow of goods, and on the exploitation of the adjacent maritime area.

Allied forces have to be prepared to deal with very complex situations requiring capabilities in the entire range of military campaigns. From humanitarian assistance, through peace operations, up to full scale high intensity combat; all of which could occur simultaneously within the same area of operations.

Adapting and adjusting to this expected evolution will challenge NATO forces to use their equipment, skills and determination in innovative and imaginative ways. In order to analyze and to best meet these challenges, NATO initiated the Urbanisation Project.

The basic objectives are to understand and document trends concerning the growth of urbanisation between now and 2035. An Urbanisation Conceptual study was delivered to NATO Military Committee in March 2016. The development of the paper was supported by several research papers and validated by experiments and wargames.

The COE CSW has supported to the entire process by contributing to the conceptual study development and by providing subject matter expertise on operational issues within Confined and Shallow Waters. In this context our future study on “Prospective Operations in CSW” has been observed to be extremely conducive.

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