CSW Expertise for Urban Wargame

Rome, Italy

NATO Defence College, Rome, Italy

In continuing the tangible contributions to Headquarters Supreme Allied Command (HQ SACT) "NATO Urbanisation Project" for more than two years by now, the COE CSW supported also the execution of the 2nd Urbanisation Experiment with two Subject Matter Experts.

The event was organised by the HQ SACT project team and executed at the NATO Defence College in Rome from 28 September till 07 October 2016. The Experiment was set up as a Seminar Wargame and aimed at validating the "NATO Urbanisation Conceptual Study". The results will be implemented into the Study Paper before delivery to the NATO Military Committee (MC) scheduled end of March 2017.

The COE CSW  will continue to actively support the Urbanisation conceptual work by providing maritime expertise, esp. our most welcomed and valued specific competence regarding operations in Confined and Shallow Waters.

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