NATO Maritime Operations Law Seminar

It’s Always Sunny on Crete!

Please join us on Crete from 29 May – 02 JUN 2017 as we kick off the third iteration of the NATO Maritime Operations Law Seminar! COE CSW is teaming up with NATO School Oberammergau, the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Centre (NMIOTC) and the United States Naval War College (US NWC), to sponsor the NATO Maritime Operations Law Seminar. The Seminar will be in sunny Chania, Crete at the NMIOTC facilities.

The seminar provides military operators and military/civilian legal advisors in national or NATO billets with an introduction to international legal norms for maritime security, NATO policy and doctrine for naval operations, and public international law as it applies to peacetime and armed conflict operations at sea. The course will focus on case studies and small group exercises that will foster a practical ability to recognize and address the type of legal issues arising during NATO maritime operations.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please visit the link below for more information to include the registration form:

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