Smart Defense Project 1.44

The COE CSW is leading the Tier 1 NATO Smart Defense (SD) Project 1.44  on a Flexible and Interoperable Toolbox meeting Future Operational Requirements in Confined and Shallow Waters (FIT FOR CSW). The intention of the study is to deal with air, surface and subsurface systems which could be part of a toolbox and used in CSW environments.

A preparative meeting will be hold on 14 – 15 September 2016 at the Officers Mess in Kiel Naval Base. The purpose of this meeting is to shape the overall outline and to align the project to the expectations and needs of interested nations as well as with other related (SD) projects.

Based on the outcomes of the preparatory meeting the project intends to address the following topics:

•    Sensors and weapons on unmanned systems;
•    Composition of a toolbox;
•    The need for enabling technology;
•    Interconnectivity and Interoperability;
•    Balancing of the toolbox with a platform or group of platforms;
•    Role changing or role enhancing;
•    Legal aspects of the use of unmanned systems and international cooperation.

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