COE Principles

COE Principles | © Deutsche Marine
  • Assist in NATO Transformation
  • Avoid duplications
  • Conform to NATO procedures
  • No posting at expense of NATO billets
  • No cost to NATO
  • Not part of NATO Command Structure

The purpose of all COEs is to assist NATO and nations continuously in the Transformation process.

If a COE is established, it has to be assured that it’s not duplicating existing organizations, resources or capabilities.
Furthermore COEs have to conform to NATO procedures, doctrine, standards and security policy.

Another principle for the COEs is that the COE does not generate any cost for NATO. The budget is provided by the framework and the sponsoring nations.
COEs have the status of an International Military Organization (IMO), but they are not part of the NATO Command Structure.

The work between NATO and the COEs, respectively between the different COEs is coordinated by Allied Command Transformation, Transformation Network Branch.

Although NATO is our primary customer, the participating nations - in form of a Steering committee - finally approve what we should work on. NATO or other customers can only request the COEs for support – we cannot be tasked or ordered to do something.

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