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An outstanding award

Award ceremonies recognise exceptional performances of military members from all ranks.  The pinning of an award or medal is usually done by the national armed forces of the particular staff member. This is basically also true for Germany as the regulations of the DEU Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) concerning the presentation of the “Honor Cross of the German Armed Forces” demand that the awarded individual made special merits for the Bundeswehr and the Federal Republic of Germany. Therefore, also foreign nationals of outstanding merits to the Bundeswehr may be eligible for a DEU award.

On 07 November 2017, the Deputy Naval Attaché of the Federal Republic of Germany in Washington gave this special honor to a former COE CSW staff member, Lieutenant Rebecca Dickey, USN, after her return to the United States of America for her new assignment as the Engineering Officer onboard a USN warship.
Lieutenant Rebecca Dickey participated in the Personal Exchange Program (PEP) between the German and the US Navy for two years. She served as a Legal Advisor at the Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COE CSW) in Kiel.
As an outstanding representative of her country and the U.S. Navy, Lieutenant Dickey’s outstanding efforts and her analytical skills were integral for supporting the COE CSW’s Program of Work and expanding our activities in the field of Operational Maritime Law

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