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Chiefs of Naval Staff in a Double Pack

Kiel, Germany

Norway - the land of Fjords and the Vikings! Consequently the Norwegian Navy has gained over millennia a tremendous experience in operations in confined and shallow waters and therefore is a most interesting partner for the COE CSW.

Indeed the visit of the Norwegian Chief of Naval Staff (NOR CNS), RADM NOR N Lars SAUNES accompanied by his German Counterpart VADM DEU N Andreas KRAUSE on 22nd January 2015 in Kiel paved the way for future closer ties between the Royal Norwegian Navy (RNoN) and the COE CSW.

The CNS received presentations on the COE CSW, focusing on our Programme of Work and our broad range of CSW-competence. The outline of a wide variety of opportunities for closer cooperation between the Royal Norwegian Navy and our Centre of Excellence has been received in a very open atmosphere. As an outcome of the visit of Admiral SAUNES, it was agreed to explore the opportunities to bilaterally intensify the relationship aiming at much closer cooperation between the RNoN and COE CSW in the future.

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