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Fruitful collaboration on NATO synthetic training

Kiel, Germany

Already since 2016 the COE CSW is working on a very relevant transformational project that paves the way ahead into a new dimension of conducting Training, Exercises, Evaluation and Experimentation by utilising Live-Virtual-Constructive technology. Within one year of intense work, the Live Virtual Constructive Training (LVC-T) Concept has been drafted in close collaboration with Headquarters Allied Maritime Command, the Royal Navy and the German Navy.

On the 23 November 2017 Commodore Simon Huntington, the Commander Operational Training (COMOT) of the Royal Navy, visited the COE CSW in Kiel for an exchange of information concerning the status achieved and the way ahead in order to strengthen the collaboration in the field of Synthetic Training tailored to NATO Maritime Forces.

The COMOT gave worthwhile insights into the Royal Navy’s capabilities in the field of complementing their maritime live exercises through synthetic training. Likewise, the Executive Director COE CSW gave a presentation on NATO Centres of Excellence in general and the COE CSW in particular. An emphasis in the discussion was put on the implementation of the Live Virtual Constructive – Training Concept, thus building up on last year’s exchange of views on working level and taking a significant step further now towards the establishment of a synthetic training environment for the Alliance by deepening the mutual understanding between relevant players.

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