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Squaring Up on the Gridiron!

Kiel, Germany

On July 6th the COE CSW celebrated this year’s annual Summer Festival in coordination with the USA’s Independence Day.  The staff squared up on the gridiron for a match of American flag football after learning about the game and a bit of practice.

The COE CSW was joined by coaches from the “Rendsburg Knights”, one of the resident American Football team in Schleswig Holstein, Germany.  The coaches conducted an instructional brief teaching the rules of the game and a hands-on training session, which included a series of drills.  Following the football match, the COE CSW held an American BQQ with hamburgers, hotdogs, and some good ol’ Rock and Roll.   The BBQ was an excellent occasion for the families of the COE CSW to join and enjoy some great food, weather, and most importantly, great company.

All around, the celebration was a huge success and added to the already strong COE CSW Team sense of cohesion and morale.

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