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Vice Admiral P.D. Hudson visits COE CSW

On Monday 24 June the Commander Maritime Command Northwood Vice Admiral GBR Navy P D Hudson CBE paid a visit to the COE CSW in Kiel. The purpose for this visit was to inform Vice Admiral Hudson about the ongoing projects and operations of the COE CSW and its contribution to NATO’s Maritime Community of Interest. For this reason he was briefed by the Executive Director Captain DEU Navy Lutz Panknier on the important aspects of COE CSW’s Program of Work after he had been welcomed by the Director of the COE CSW Captain DEU Navy Jean Martens. After the briefing there was a fruitful discussion about the ways to strengthen the links between the Maritime Command Northwood and the COE CSW in order to support the Command in current operations as well as conceptional work and projects. The outcome of the visit was welcomed by all attendees and it can be said that the course for a more close cooperation between MARCOM and COE CSW has been set.

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