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Visit of RADM (lh) J. Mannhardt, Chairman Steering Committee

Rear Admiral (lh) DEU Navy Jürgen MANNHARDT, Chairman of COE CSW’s Steering Committee, visited our center 04 March 2013. He was welcomed by the Director COE CSW Rear Admiral (lh) DEU N Thomas JUGEL. The purpose of the visit was to inform him on COE CSW’s Program of Work status and upcoming major events. The next two events of high importance are the ‘Conference on Countering IEDs in the Maritime Environment’ in March 2013 and the so called ‘Maritime Information Exchange Meeting 2013’ in April this year. Rear Admiral MANNHARDT was very content with the results achieved by the COE CSW. Captain DEU Navy Heinz-Georg BUSS, Branch Head SME led this visit as acting Executive Director.

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