Lighting up the Darkness – What’s the significance of RCIEDs in the Maritime Environment

Kiel, Germany

Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) are a common weapon of choice employed by subversive elements worldwide. In the meantime IEDs are usually combined with radio controlled (RC) fuses posing an even more perfidious threat in land operations.
Regularly threats from the land environment find their way to the wet element with some delay. Consequently the Conferences on C-IED in the Maritime Environment (CME) addressed this topic over the past years and decided to define RC-IED as an Action Item in order to get the Alliance ahead of the time.

In this context the COE CSW organised from 27 to 29 June 2017 a kick-off event in Kiel dealing with RCIEDs and their possible subversive applications in the maritime environment. The conference gathered more than 60 participants from 13 nations including representatives from academia, industry and all military services.

The comprehensive agenda covered basic physical, environmental, technical and operational aspects in order to discuss possible maritime threat scenarios, to identify most pressing needs and finally to formulate a way ahead. The breaks were intensively used for networking with other attendees and visiting an exhibition-area where companies provided information on their technical solutions and products.

This RCIED-Conference is part of a series of CME events the COE CSW conducts in support of Allied Command Transformation and Allied Maritime Command already since 2012. The overwhelming reception by the Nations, companies and NATO bodies reflects the relevance of this endeavour, and an appreciation of our efforts - especially the pioneering work of our well renowned Subject Matter Expert, CDR DEU Navy Riewesell.

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