Maritime Unmanned Systems – A new technology in a complex operational framework

Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) (NMCM) are definitely a game changer in naval operations. In Naval Mine Countermeasures the increasing use of MUS will enable Navies to be significantly more effective in detecting and clearing mines.  This will provide enhanced options to support challenging and complex warfare scenarios.

From this perspective, the COE CSW project “Covert Naval Mine Countermeasure Operations in support of Amphibious operations” aims at developing a conceptual study paper, focussing on the impact of Maritime Unmanned Systems and their capabilities brought to bear “covertly” in complex operational frameworks, i.e. in NMCM operations in support of Amphibious Operations.

During a meeting on 20-21 February 2019, hosted by the COE CSW in Kiel, the project has been formally kicked off; the completion is anticipated in 2020.

Overall, 45 participants from 13 nations (NATO & partners), 3 NATO entities and 13 civilian companies (operating in the Underwater domain), found their way to Kiel to participate in this initiating event. After these first two days of fruitful discussions and exchange of views in a very constructive atmosphere, significant progress has been made towards defining the outline and establishing the level of ambition of the project itself.

The next meeting is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2019.

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