NATO Electronic Warfare Working Group in Kiel

From 26 – 30 AUG 2019, the NATO Electronic Warfare Working Group (NEWWG) met in the Naval Base Kiel, Germany.

The COE CSW supported the NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS) by organising this event, building upon an already close working relationship between both entities.

The Executive Director of the COE CSW, Captain DEU Navy Eike Wetters, welcomed the 35 participants from 14 NATO nations and several different NATO entities. He emphasised the importance of Electronic Warfare capabilities within the full spectrum of operations, being a key factor in the protection of military forces as well as in monitoring compliance with international agreements in a world full of hybrid threats. This is particularly true for the complex littoral and coastal areas, where a dense electromagnetic environment requires a truly joint and combined approach to the common challenges.

During this meeting in Kiel the Chairman, CDR DEU N Malte von Spreckelsen from NATO JEWCS, handed over the Chairmanship of this Working Group to CDR DEU N Stefan Riewesell from the COE CSW, who will succeed him at JEWCS in Yeovilton/UK from October 2019 onwards.


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