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A Prosperous Year! What Next?

2017-11-14 | Kiel, Germany more

An outstanding award

Award ceremonies recognise exceptional performances of military members from all ranks.  The pinning of an award or medal is usually done by the...

2017-11-07 more

Promotion on the Victory Day

2017-08-31 | Kiel, Germany more

Squaring Up on the Gridiron!

2017-07-06 | Kiel, Germany more

Deepening Relations with Singapore

2017-06-28 | Kiel, Germany more

Spreading the Good Word

2017-05-12 | Hamburg, Germany more

Close ties to Finland

2017-04-25 | Kiel, Germany more

Maritime Network Consolidation

2017-04-19 | Gdynia, POL more

Continuing the Conversation

2017-03-06 | Kiel, Germany more
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