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Experts on ”Extreme Littorals”

Kiel, Germany

Confined and shallow Waters (CSW) are key areas for mankind as any sea traffic inevitably transits at least twice through this vital part of the seas – when leaving and entering a port. Hence CSW comprise a focus area for numerous maritime organisations and institutions, certainly for the administration of countries that heavily depend on sea trade. Consequently the COE CSW enjoys close relations with many entities around the globe, especially coast guards and navies.

Following a number of reciprocal visits exploring on mutual interests and challenges, the COE CSW was very honoured welcoming the Fleet Commander of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) on 10 January 2018 for a deeper inside view to our scope and work. Rear Admiral CHEONG Kwok Chien was impressed by the efficiency of the COE CSW working on a wide range of projects and activities with a rather small staff; furthermore he was intrigued by the kaleidoscope of renowned partners and the quality of our products.

Indeed the RSN has extensive own expertise in CSW – an operational environment they call Extreme Littorals. Intensifying the mutual relations and exchange of views as well as cooperating in many fields are therefore common interest. Consequently, both the RSN as well as the COE CSW are looking forward to further deepening the mutual relations in future.

The visit was also a reunion of two fellow operational commanders who enjoyed excellent relations already in 2016 when RAdm Cheong commanded the Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151) and the Director COE CSW, RAdm Kaack, CTF 465 in the Indian Ocean.



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