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Round Table discussion with the ICDS, Estonia

Kiel, Germany

Capt (DEU N) Eike Wetters, Mr Tomas Jermalavicius, Capt (USA N) Bill Combes (ret), RAdm (DEU N) Christian Bock, Mr Tony Lawrence, VAdm (DEU N) Heinrich Lange (ret)


On 16 January,  a delegation from the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS) and the Baltic Defence College, Estonia, visited the COE CSW for a round-table work shop. The overall aim was to explore topics related to an ongoing ICDS-led study, theming maritime aspects of defence and deterrence in the Baltic Sea region.
On the COE CSW side, the workshop was supported by several COE CSW Subject Matter Experts. The visit was finished by a group lunch, which provided additional opportunities to deepen a range of themes touched upon before.


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