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Update on the UK Maritime Warfare Centre and on UK Amphibious Issues

Kiel, Germany

On Tuesday 11 December, the COE CSW had the pleasure to host Dr. Duncan Redford from the Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC) HMS Collingwood in Portsmouth, UK.  A former Royal Navy Officer and a Kings-College trained military historian, Dr. Redford gave a highly informative presentation on the MWC’s structure, work and outputs, and thereafter – turning towards his special area of expertise – he offered a comprehensive outlook on current UK-developments related to Amphibious Warfare.  Both presentations gave valuable insights into the topics touched upon, and indeed were very well received by a mixed auditorium consisting of representatives from the DEU Navy Command Rostock, the DEU Flotilla 1, and COE CSW Subject Matter Experts and Branchheads. 

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