Concept and Doctrine Branch

Defence organisations acknowledge the need for continuous progress to meet new and emerging security challenges. COE CSW’s Concept and Doctrine (CD) Branch supports this transformation process with emphasis on the maritime domain and a very specific focus on operations in confined and shallow waters. The COE CSW CD Branch plays an essential role in the transformation needs of NATO by feeding the process with inspirations and contributions to the development of concepts and NATO doctrine. The CD Staff and Desk Officers are engaged in several maritime strands of work and they act as important enablers for finding solutions to maritime conceptual and doctrinal deficiencies. In analysing capability gaps and describing the difficulties as well as the risks, a Concept shows potential ways to address those findings in a holistic approach and it provides guidelines for the implementation of potential solutions. Concepts are a vehicle for doctrine developers. Doctrine eventually describes how Alliance Armed forces operate and how to best use maritime power and naval assets.

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