Training and Analysis Branch

The Training & Analysis Branch was established in the COE CSW in order to contribute to the transformation of NATO in the areas of Education, Training, Exercises and Evaluation (ETEE), as well as Analysis and Lessons Learned.

Education and Training is a fundamental prerequisite for the operational readiness and effective employment of military forces. In January 2016, after endorsement by the Military Committee and approval of the North Atlantic Council, the COE CSW was appointed by Headquarters Allied Command Transformation as the Department Head for the Maritime Operations Discipline. As such, the COE CSW translates NATO’s training requirements for Maritime Operations into E&T solutions and coordinates all efforts to overcome identified gaps in individual and collective training issues.

Within the spectrum of NATO ETEE, COE CSW contributes to the Evaluation of the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Groups as well as of NATO HQs during exercises by providing Subject Matter Expertise. Furthermore, COE CSW participates in the review of Allied Command Operations Forces Standards.

The COE CSW also provides tangible support to NATO Exercises like the STEADFAST series, and multinational exercises, such as BALTOPS. Within this context, our experts contribute to the scenario development, the scripting of the Main Event List/ Main Incident List during the planning phase, and they join the Exercise Control staff and/or conduct analysis on specific subjects to identify lessons during the execution phase.

Analysis and Lessons Learned is an important trigger for improving NATO doctrines and capabilities. We assist NATO Headquarters and NATO Nations in executing the Lessons Learned process by gathering observations in exercises and deriving lessons from current operations as well as by working on tailored solutions.

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