Maritime Operations – Annual Discipline Conference

The Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COE CSW) under the guidance of Headquarters Supreme Allied Command Transformation / Joint Force Development (HQ SACT JFD) hosted the 5th NATO Maritime Operations Annual Discipline Conference (MarOps ADC) 2020 from 25 to 26 February 2020 in Kiel, Germany.

Participating entities:  COE CSW as Department Head in the Maritime Operations discipline (DH MarOps), HQ SACT JFD as NATO HQ SACT POC, HQ MARCOM as Requirement Authority (RA), HQ AIRCOM, CJOS COE, CMRE, DEUMARFOR, JFCB, MARSEC COE, NMIOTC, NMW COE, NOR NAVY, SPMARFOR, STRIKFORNATO, UKSTRIKFOR.
The representative from ITMARFOR had to cancel his participation on short notice.

For the very first time both the DH and RA MarOps offered the nations engaged in the NATO Naval Service Task Group (NASTAG) to join the ADC 2020 and investigate work strands in the area of individual training. Thereupon the ROU NAVY and the NLD NAVY sent their representatives.

SHAPE, EOD COE, Deployable Air Command & Control Centre (DACCC), US Naval War College, DH Education, Training, Exercises and Evaluation (ETEE), MAROPSWG (syndicate 3 for command & control) handed in their inputs prior to the meeting.

An Executive Summary ADC 2020 has been produced and distributed to briefly summarise the ADC 2020. It conduces the conference participants to have the key findings available for immediate use until the Discipline Alignment Plan 2020 (DAP 2020) will have been issued.
The DAP 2020 is currently being developed under coordination of the DH MarOps. As soon as the document is completed it will subsequently be authorised and issued by HQ SACT Joint Force Development (JFD).
The DAP 2020 will then provide a further and detailed description of the identified operational training requirements and the intended measures of the MarOps Community Of Interest (COI) to address the identified shortfalls.

All presentations provided during the ADC 2020, the list of participants, this executive summary and other relevant documents have been posted on the COE CSW website on NATO SECRET WAN (NSWAN).
The DH thanks all participants for their attendance and the extremely valuable support. All attending entities are encouraged to maintain their commitment to the MarOps discipline by joining future ADCs.
The next MarOps ADC will take place in the first quarter of 2021 most likely again together with the MEAB WG 2021 meeting.
If you would like to access more information and the ADC 2020 reports, please sign in to the COE CSW website (Login request/User access).

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