The unique status of NATO COEs as international military organisations and the intended structure as ‘Think Tanks’ in their specific field of competence entails a broad orientation that does not solely focus on the military..  On a daily basis, COEs engage with governments,  non-governmental organisations, academia, and industry.

The COE CSW is deeply embedded in a NATO network, in particular with maritime entities such as:

The COE CSW enjoys close relations to a range of national military entities such as the DEU Flotilla 1 in Kiel, the Bundeswehr Technical Centre for Ships and Naval Weapons (WTD 71) in Eckernförde, the U.S. Naval War College, and the Polish Naval Academy, or the Maritime Security (MARSEC) COE in Istanbul, TUR.

The COE CSW is also connected with civil maritime organisations, especially Maritime Security Regimes/ Institutions, such as Maritime Surveillance (MARSUR).

Furthermore, the COE CSW cooperates with various academic institutions such as the Bundeswehr University in München, the World Maritime University in Malmø (SWE), the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), the US Naval War College, and the Polish Naval Academy.

With regard to the commerical sector, the COE CSW is associated with a large number of partners from the defence industry and maritime commerce.

Our cooperation with the Munich Security Conference facilitates addressing maritime topics on the strategic level with security focused representatives from politics, authorities, and institutions.

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