Support to Education & Training

Sound skills and knowledge are essential for forces and staffs to perform in any deployment or mission. Whilst the fundamental education and training provisions for each soldier remain under the responsibility of the nation, the Alliance requires further training for specific NATO competences.

Although the COE CSW is not to be regarded as an education and training institution, we are; however, supporting both NATO and national entities on a regular basis. We provide our subject matter expertise in form of lectures to support multiple entities such as the NATO Headquarters, the NATO School Oberammergau, and the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre. We also support national training entities, for instance the Turkish MARSEC COE.

In this way, both the training institution and the students benefit from the COE CSW expertise. The COE CSW experts are uniquely qualified and have extensive knowledge pertaining not only to operations in confined and shallow waters, but also on general maritime matters.

U.S. Naval War College’s Combined Force Maritime Component Commander Course (CFMCC) -2017. Naples, Italy
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