Multinational Experiment 7

Maritime Security Regimes

Since threats like piracy and terrorism, illicit trafficking  of weapons, drugs, money, humans or other contraband can be expected to continue it is paramount to prepare for a future where the impact of a variety of access challenges could be prevented, mitigated or resolved. Though some nations have robust capabilities, for multiple reasons, no single nation can ensure commercial traffic  for the global community at large. However it has been experienced that maritime security can be enhanced by regions. A Maritime Security Regime (MSR) is a group of states and/or organizations acting together, with an agreed upon framework of rules and procedures, to ensure security within the Maritime Domain. The posted Enterprise Implementation Proposal and MSR Manual provides a concept that gives ways  to facilitate a MSR. It is a result of a collaborative framework by several nations that was directly supported by COE CSW.

Maritime Security Regime Handbook and Enterprise Proposal

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