All Good Things Come in Three

The COE CSW, in partnership with the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO), the U.S. Naval War College, and the Naval Maritime Interdiction Operations Center (NMIOTC), conducted the third iteration of the Operational Maritime Law Seminar at NMITOC’s facilities on Crete.

Overall 23 professional participants from 15 different nations attended the seminar to expand their knowledge of operational considerations that Legal Advisors (LEGADs) should be aware of to better advise operators on staffs and at sea. In addition to Navy, this year’s seminar was also attended by Air Force and Army LEGADs. A combination of lectures and case study based group work challenged the students to apply the concepts learned to consider how LEGADs should communicate legal challenges and solutions to the commanders that they serve. A few of the many topics presented included Freedom of Navigation Operations, Maritime Law Interdiction, and flag verifications.

As the seminar grew from year to year, the partners are excited to further expand and enhance the curriculum into an established course at NSO for next year.

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