The COE CSW Project Manager was awarded in 2015 by PRT in recognition of his tangible contribution to the STHP.

Already back in 2012 the NATO Specialist Team on Harbour Protection (STHP) was established in order to enhance the ability of maritime forces to adequately cope with asymmetric threats in missions abroad, especially when they are most vulnerable – while entering and leaving, or staying in a port. The STHP was led by Portugal, the COE CSW supported by involved as a founding member.

Though the team had to start from scratch, intense and focused collaboration between European navies, NATO entities and research bodies constituted the sound foundation to meet tight deadlines. The Specialist Team completed the specification of technical and operational standards in May 2016 and initiated the ratification process for this new Allied Harbour Protection Publication. In honouring the outstanding contribution throughout the whole developing process, the responsible COE CSW Staff-Officer was rewarded by Portugal with a 2nd class naval star cross.

The smooth ratification process ended successfully with the promulgation of the Allied Tactical Publication (ATP)-94 on 07 APR 2017, thus signalling the very relevance of the standardisation agreements. The delegated tasking authority of NATO Military Committee, the Maritime Standardisation Board emphasises the unique status of the ATP-94. Since decades this has been the first publication developed and delivered within the initial timelines including a mature standard owed to the validation in various exercises and experiments - one of our core contributions besides the editorial work.

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