Supporting a NATO High Readiness Force

11-15 July 2016


Stavanger, Norway

Exercise Trident JUNCTURE 2016 (TRJE16) is about to achieve the final status of preparation that needs to be set prior the start. Members of most NATO Nations, representing all services, as well as a considerable number of partner nations and contracted experts met at the Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway, from 11 to 15 July 2015 in order to revise the scenario for the upcoming exercise.

TRJE16 provides the frame for the Certification of Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples. Although the main effort will be focused on a land-centric operation meeting NATO’s level of ambition in Article 5 operations, the maritime part – playing in the CSW environment of the Baltic Sea – brings relevant naval aspects on the operational level into consideration and feeds into the joint decision making process.

The COE CSW contributed with our maritime expertise by creating challenging Incidents that – adding up to Storylines – reflect the overall exercise and training objectives. These injects are now ready to be processed in a next step when they will be – once more supported by the COE CSW – further detailed and scripted in a workshop in September.

More information to follow soon.


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