First Annual Maritime Discipline Conference

12 - 14 April 2016


Kiel, Germany

COE CSW as the Department Head (DH) for the Maritime Operations Discipline within NATO, translated Education and Training (E&T) requirements into training solutions. After initial steps were undertaken in October 2015 with the conduct of a Training Requirements Analysis (TRA), the first Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) for Maritime Operations was conducted by COE CSW 12-14 April 2016 in Kiel. Main effort was to review identified training gaps, assess already available courses and investigate possible solutions for the specific requirements. Representatives from NATO Command & Force Structure HQs, NATO E&T Facilities and COEs reviewed and verified commonly the findings and defined adequate solutions. The participants also exchanged information on the newest developments in E&T and set priorities for closing the identified breaches.Based on the Discipline Alignment Plan as the main outcome of this ADC, the COE CSW will continue to bring the best E&T solutions for NATO within the maritime domain.


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