FIT FOR CSW Refinement

14/15 September 2016


Kiel, Germany

On 14 and 15th of September 2016 the COE CSW conducted a preparatory meeting for further refining the NATO Smart Defense Project (SD) 1.44 aiming at a Flexible and Interoperable Toolbox meeting the Future Operational Requirements in Confined and Shallow Waters  (FIT FOR CSW) prior formal launch. Participants came from Denmark, Germany, Finland and The Netherlands, and all three maritime NATO COEs  were represented (besides the COE CSW also the Combined Joint Operations from the Sea and the Naval Mine Warfare COE).

All related projects/ studies have a different starting point, a smaller or even wider scope but generally deal with the topic of modularity. Different starting points however do not necessarily lead to an agreed and common solution for the vital aspects of connectivity and interoperability which is required for the employment of Modular Systems in a toolbox concept.

In order to line up the different ongoing projects and various interests, as well as to fine-tune the scope of SD 1.44, the COECSW presented a model that reflects the need for balancing operational requirements between sensor/ weapon modules, the enabling technology and host platform(s). This model, along with consistent definitions, should help in gaining an overview of study work already (being) done and providing further orientation for SD 1.44.

The COE CSW will therefore create now an overview of relevant related studies and projects. Next – in taking the discussion of the preparatory meeting into account –an updated project proposal for FIT FOR CSW will be drafted and forwarded to NATO and the nations.

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