Maritime Expertise delivered

NATO Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2018 (TRJR18) is nearly ready for the execution phase. More than one hundred experts from relevant NATO entities, supporters from involved nations, contracted specialists and representatives from the training audience met at Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger for a 10-day Workshop. Beyond that, e planning process was significant since it was the first time that the NGO, Transparency International, provided inputs.

The participants scripted several storyline packages including various injections for the two-fold medium scale joint exercise. This exercise is designed to certify the Multi-National Joint Headquarter Ulm and the Headquarter of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece for their Standby Phase as a NATO Reaction Force. Whereas the Headquarters mind set primarily focused on land operations, the COE CSW provided maritime expertise to lay out a challenging training environment for the execution phases in May 2018 and in June 2018. Essential maritime inputs and injects could be added to several mainly land-centric storylines to challenge operational staffs and to add to the complexity of the Exercise.

The COE CSW will continue to support the conduct of the computer-assisted simulated Exercise, by contributing to Maritime Opposing Forces within the Exercise Control Structure in Stavanger.

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