For the First Time: NATO Competence Centre will support the Munich Security Conference by providing maritime expertise

The Munich Security Conference (MSC), already supported by a large number of renowned institutions, authorities, and organisations, will also rely on NATO maritime experts from Kiel. The Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COE CSW) and the MSC signed an agreement for future cooperation on July, 3rd 2017.

First Common Projects

The COE CSW will be responsible for conducting a side event during the 54th Security Conference in Munich in February 2018. The expert panel will focus on the increasing significance of maritime safety and security and will address current challenges.

Furthermore, the COE CSW will support the MSC in continuing the series of expert discussions on the topic area of ”arctic security“. The next Arctic Security Roundtable will take place in the run-up to the renowned Arctic Circle Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, in October 2017. The COE CSW will provide professional advice and contribute experts from its own network.

“Maritime gearwheel in the clock of MSC“

Rear Admiral Jan C. Kaack (54), Director COE CSW, is very much looking forward to the cooperation. “I’m particularly pleased that now aspects of maritime security will be addressed at the MSC. All the more, since many of our current challenges in the field of security policy confront us at sea, especially in confined and shallow waters! Highly proficient and vested with a unique international network, the COE CSW as a maritime think tank of NATO and a quasi-maritime gearwheel in the clock of the MSC, can make an active contribution to addressing current maritime challenges in foreign and security policy while providing the best possible platform for discussions.

The Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, is likewise convinced of the added value of the partnership. “Conflict potential in the Arctic and the South Chinese Sea or the streams of refugees crossing the Mediterranean demonstrate the increasing politico-strategic significance of maritime safety and security. I appreciate that we have gained the COE CSW as a partner whose maritime expertise will enhance and enlarge our range of topics. I look forward to our cooperation“

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