NATO Underwater Warfare Capability Group in Kiel

The Under Water Warfare Capability Group (UWW CG) and Specialist Teams (ST), as subordinated bodies to NATO´s Naval Armaments Group (NNAG) met in Kiel, Germany from 09-13 April 2018. Hosted by the COE CSW, over 55 Experts from different NATO Nations and NATO Commands discussed future contributions to the Alliance’s efforts to develop and enhance capabilities required for the underwater battle space. This will be achieved inter alia by the coherent implementation of NATO and national activities, an improved understanding of the impact of national efforts, and by providing better support to the implementation of the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP) priorities.

This meeting showed, once more, the value of this forum to discuss and exchange information on national concepts, doctrines, and research and development work. An aim of this exchange related to armaments, weapons, systems and platforms, equipment, and materiel is to also promote multinational cooperation. The COE CSW supported this meeting with specific presentations on current studies and Smart Defence Initiatives, and contributed with two subject matter experts related to the underwater warfare domain.

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