Preparing for the Test

Despite the fact that the NATO LL process is well structured and organized, it seems that it is still not always functioning at the desired level within the maritime domain.  Accordingly, HQ MARCOM and the COE CSW have developed the initiative “Improving the NATO LL Process in the Maritime Domain” in order to accelerate and improve the existing LL process in a two-step approach:

  1. By improving the collection and processing of initial observations, and
  2. By coordinating and synchronizing the management of the LL Process, in general.

The initiative will be tested for the first time during exercise BRILLIANT MARINER 2017 (BRMR 17).  At the Final Coordination Conference, hosted by HQ FRMARFOR at Toulon, France (12-13 July 2017), the COE CSW met with representatives from HQ MARCOM and participating staffs.  The aim was to coordinate and agree on the final preparations for testing the initiative.

During the execution phase of BRMR 17 the members of a Maritime Observation Team (MOT) will be embarked onboard selected participating ships in order to conduct the test.  Additionally, the MOT members are available to advise the LL Staff Officers of the respective HQ staffs on board the ships.

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