Specialist Team takes next step to boost Synthetic Training

As agreed during the NATO Modelling & Simulation Group Meeting in April   the Specialist Team 169 started shaping the implementation phase of the Live Virtual Constructive –Training (LVC-T) project   that will significantly boost NATO maritime forces’ training, exercise, evaluation and experimentation capabilities. As the project’s conceptual work is in the final stage the highly skilled specialists in the field of Modelling & Simulation kicked-off their work under the chairmanship of the COE CSW in Kiel on 14 August 2018.

The Kick-Off-Meeting was a very big step towards a successful implementation of the LVC-T concept by bringing operational parameters, technical prerequisites and organisational aspects together for further analysis and sequencing. The Specialist Team’s work will mark the starting point for the work to be done to implement the LVC-T concept and will finally contribute to enhanced interoperability and warfare capabilities of NATO maritime forces.

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