11-12 October 2016


Yeovilton, United Kingdom

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are to be regarded as insidious weapons which pose a considerable threat also to maritime forces. Naval units are faced with IED dangers especially when operating in coastal areas and harbour approaches, or when berthed in a port.

Radio Controlled IEDs (RC-IEDs) are a special kind of these sneaky weapons offering the huge advantage for attackers to determine the ignition-time and to select/ aim at specific targets.

The COE CSW, being a core member of the NATO Working Group Panel “Countering IEDs in the maritime Environment (CME)”, initiated a RC-IED Workshop from 11 to 12 OCT 2016 at the NATO JOINT Electronic Warfare Core Staff (NATO JEWCS) in Yeovilton, GBR. The aim of this initial meeting was to capture potential fields of application of RC-IEDs and related maritime threats, and to kick off the development of protection- and countermeasures for naval forces.

A number of civilian and military participants discussed the technical requirements and operational scenarios regarding RC-IED in the maritime environment. As main outcome of this Workshop a deeper, detailed assessment involving experts from all services, scientists and industry is required. The COE CSW maintains the initiative and intends to organise a RC-IED Symposium in June 2017.

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