COE CSW experts went to Klaipeda, Lithuania, to support Exercise BALTIC FORTRESS 2021. For the second time, the COE CSW supported harbour protection operations in Klaipeda after a first exercise of that kind in 2019.

BALTIC FORTRESS 2021, linked to Baltic Sea Exercises BALTOPS 50 and STRONG GRIFFIN 21, covered aspects of a medium-scale Crisis Response Operation in a coastal environment to provide training in a multi-threat environment on a tactical level.

The task of the Harbour Protection Organisation was to escort and protect military and civilian vessels, secure the harbour facilities and critical infrastructure while keeping normal port operations running.

The COE CSW experts supported Lithuanian forces and ensured that Harbour Protection Operations' conduct was in line with existing NATO doctrine.

In interviews with LTU radio and TV and a presentation to very distinguished visitors such as the Commanders JOINT FORCE Command BRUNSSUM and STIKFORNATO and excellencies from different countries such as the US Ambassador to Lithuania, the COE CSW took the opportunity to emphasise the importance of Harbour Protection capabilities for Lithuania and NATO.



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