Maritime Operations - Annual Discipline Conference 2024

(MarOps ADC 2024 | Kiel, Germany)

The 9th NATO MarOps ADC 2024 will be conducted on 19-20 March 2024 in Kiel, Germany.
The COE CSW, as assigned Department Head for the MarOps discipline, will lead the ADC with support from HQ MARCOM N7 under the guidance of Headquarters Supreme Allied Command Transformation / Joint Force Development (HQ SACT JFD).

This conference will be conducted as a combined event with the subsequent meeting of the Maritime Enterprise Advisory Board Working Group (MEAB WG) from 20 to 21 March 2024 at the same venue. MARCOM will invite to the MEAB WG meeting by separate correspondence.

The ADC engages interested stakeholders from the Education, Training, Exercises and Evaluation (ETEE) Community of Interest (CoI) for the regular revision of Education & Training (E&T) requirements and solutions in the MarOps domain.