COE CSW successfully supported Exercise “Resolute Guard 21”

Yesterday, the German Navy’s Exercise “Resolute Guard 21” ended. For the first time in many years, a newly formed company of reservists trained to protect the naval base in Kiel against various threats.

The COE CSW successfully supported the planning and execution of the exercise with experts from Harbour Protection and Countering Unmanned Arial Systems. In particular, the COE’s extensive network helped attract experts from other areas of the Bundeswehr, from state and federal authorities, from NATO and the international arena. Their participation significantly contributed to high-quality information exchange and training in the respective areas. Additionally, COE CSW ensured that the exercise was in line with current NATO doctrine and procedures.
Highlights included the visits of the German Deputy Chief of Navy and Deputy Chief of Defence. They were able to observe first-hand how valuable the COE CSW’s contribution to exercises can be.

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