A further Milestone reached

5-8 April 2016


London, United Kingdom

Countering Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) is one of the capability focus areas in NATO –not just since the ISAF mission. The COE CSW is a key contributor of expertise on C-IED in the Maritime Environment (CME).

In this context the COE CSW supported the 15th meeting of the NATO C-IED Working Group in London from 05 till 08 APR 2016 by acting as official Liaison between the C-IED WG, the Maritime Operations WG and the Force Protection WG. Our participating Staff Officer presented respective Liaison Reports and gave the “land-heavy” audience an impression of the underwater world by presenting a briefing on “Underwater Search and Use of Unmanned Systems”.

Headquarters Allied Maritime Command, in lead of the CME-Community of Interest, gave a presentation on the efforts achieved so far and requested to establish “CME” as an official Sub-Panel of the C-IED WG. This request was fully endorsed by the Nations and rests now with the Military Committee Land Standardization Board for approval.

An official status of CME would be an appreciation of all current achievements and should ease the incorporation of “C-IED” issues into maritime publications as well as of CME aspects into joint doctrines. The COE CSW will continue to support this process by keeping strong liaison between the relevant and associated working groups.


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