FIT FOR CSW kicked off!

The NATO Smart Defence Project SD 1.44 aims at creating a Flexible Interoperable Toolbox that will be meeting Future Operational Requirements for operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (FIT FOR CSW). Based on previous work – such as a study on Prospective Operations in CSW – the COE CSW has initiated this pioneering endeavor and is in fact the first Centre of Excellence leading a Smart Defence project. The Federal Republic of Germany acts as lead nation.

During a meeting on 06-07 September 2017 at the COE CSW in Kiel the project has been formally kicked off; the completion is anticipated in 2020.

Overall, 20 participants from 11 nations and 5 entities, amongst them the Ukraine and the European Defence Agency, found their way to Kiel to participate in this initiating event. The project will study – from a holistic view point – required capabilities and evaluates the suitability of modular components (tools) which are capable of being deployed from a variety of platforms – on board of ships or ashore. A combination of presentations and fruitful discussions paved the way for moving ahead. The next meeting is  scheduled for early 2018.

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